About Hemostatix

The elegant simplicity of the Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel

The surgical precision of a traditional steel scalpel combined with the thermal sealing of small vessels make the Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel a valuable tool in your armamentarium.  There is nothing else like it.

The Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel

Achieving operative hemostasis in Head & Neck surgery is imperative to fine dissection and nerve preservation.   The traditional steel scalpel has been the instrument of choice for precise surgical dissection due to its accuracy and lack of tissue damage.  However, attendant capillary oozing and blood loss is problematic with a steel scalpel.  We understand the surgical complexity in safely dissecting the nerves and critical anatomy of the head and neck.  The Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel was designed to enable surgeons to perform precise dissection with optimum hemostasis. 

Precise Thermal Dissection

The Hemostatix Scalpel is elegantly simple and is used just like a traditional steel scalpel.  Advanced Micro-circuitry heats the scalpel blade immediately to the desired set point temperature (70-300 degrees Celsius).   The heat from the scalpel blade is transferred to incised tissue thereby achieving operative hemostasis.  Heat dissipation in the tissue leaves a narrow thermal footprint.  The surgically sharp blade enables the surgeon make precise cuts safely around critical structures.  No electric current passes to the patient.  No grounding pad is required.  No muscle excitation occurs and the surgeon receives the tactile feedback of the traditional steel scalpel.

The Hemostatix Difference

Effective cauterization technologies and advanced energy devices abound in today’s market (Monopolar, Bipolar, Ultrasonic, Radiofrequency, Ferromagnetic, etc.).   However, none of these technologies or devices use Thermal energy (heat) to cauterize and none of them are surgically sharp.  Hemostatix is the only surgically sharp scalpel that thermally seals blood vessels as it cuts.   

Thermal Technology

The Scalpel Blade is a 5-layer laminate composition of copper and stainless steel.  The blade is surgically sharp.  Advanced micro-electric circuitry applied to the blade surface enables immediate heating to a maximum of 300 degrees Celsius.  The patient is insulated from the electric current and no grounding pad is required.   

The Precision 8400 controller energizes (heats) the scalpel blade to maintain the desired temperature within extremely narrow limits (+/- 5 degrees Celsius).   Advanced Virtual Temperature Sensing (VTS) software enables the Precision 8400 to automatically maintain scalpel blade temperature at the desired set-point in response to 1) the type of tissue being incised and, 2) the rate of the surgeons cutting speed.

The result is a dry, clean surgical field which provides exceptional visualization for the safe dissection of nerves and critical anatomy.    

Otolaryngology Procedures 

The Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel has proven to be efficacious in hundreds of thousands of Otolaryngology procedures.  Historically, our scalpel enables the Otolaryngologist and Pediatric Otolaryngologist to perform precise, thermal dissection in numerous procedures including, but not limited to, Thyroidectomy, Parotidectomy, Radical and Selective Neck Dissections, Submandibular excisions, and Cochlear Implants. 

Hemostatix Medical Technologies is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel System.   

Product Information

The Precision 8400 Thermal Scalpel System consists of a controller, a scalpel handle (limited-use disposable), and a scalpel blade (single-use). 

Catalog Number Description 

7013-8400  Precision 8400 Thermal Scalpel controller

7013-9050 Scalpel Handle

7013-5810 #10 Scalpel Blade (24 per box)

7023-5812 #12 Scalpel Blade (10 per box)

7013-5815 #15 Scalpel Blade (24 per box)