Ultimate Surgical Precision

Hemostatix Thermal Blade Technology Image

The Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel maximizes your surgical technique and optimizes your surgical outcomes safely, without any electric current.

Hemostatix provides you with the ultimate surgical precision, visualization, and control--Everything you need to achieve superior clinical outcomes.

Scalpel Blade

The Scalpel Blade is a 5-layer laminate composition of copper and stainless steel. The blade is surgically sharp.  Advanced micro-electric circuitry applied to the blade surface enables immediate heating to a maximum of 300 degrees Celsius.  Heat from the scalpel blade is transferred to incised tissue thereby achieving operative hemostasis.  Heat dissipates in the tissue leaving a narrow thermal footprint.  The patient is insulated from the electric current, no grounding pad is required, and no muscle excitation occurs.

Scalpel Handle

The scalpel handle allows superior surgical control in precise anatomical dissection.  Through the handle, the surgeon retains complete control of 1) blade temperature, 2) rate of incision and corresponding delivery of thermal energy,  3)  angle of incision, and, 4) amount of pressure applied to incised tissue.  In addition, the surgeon receives accurate visual and tactile feedback.

Precision 8400 Controller

The Precision 8400 controller energizes (heats) the scalpel blade to maintain the desired temperature within extremely narrow limits (+/- 5 degrees Celsius).   Advanced Virtual Temperature Sensing (VTS) software enables the Precision 8400 to automatically maintain scalpel blade temperature at the desired set-point in response to 1) the type of tissue being incised and, 2) the rate of the surgeons cutting speed.

Clinical Report: The Shaw Hemostatic Scalpel in Paediatric Surgery, U.G. Stauffer

Immediate hemostasis, allowing more precise cutting, was a considerable advantage in major operations and was of special interest in neonatal surgery.

Parotid Gland Surgery Using the Shaw Hemostatic Scalpel, Willard Fee, MD

It’s greatest use is in Parotid Gland surgery because of decreased hazard to the facial nerve as compared with conventional techniques...

Use in Head and Neck Surgery, Willard Fee, MD, Stanford University

Excellent in raising flaps and in precise surgery where small capillary bleeding typically obscures the visibility of the immediate tissue...

Wound Healing and the Shaw Scalpel Donna Millay, MD

Histologic sections and tensile strength measurements confirm no significant delay in wound healing with incisions made with the Shaw scalpel.

Product Information

The Precision 8400 Thermal Scalpel System consists of a controller, a scalpel handle (limited-use disposable), and a scalpel blade (single-use). 

Catalog Number Description 

7013-8400  Precision 8400 Thermal Scalpel controller

7013-9050 Scalpel Handle

7013-5810 #10 Scalpel Blade (24 per box)

7023-5812 #12 Scalpel Blade (10 per box)

7013-5815 #15 Scalpel Blade (24 per box)

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