The only surgically sharp thermal scalpel in the world

About Our Scalpel

Elegantly simple, the Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel seals blood vessels as they are incised.  The surgically sharp blade enables precise anatomical  dissection and immediate hemostasis resulting in maximum visualization and superior surgical control.

Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel Handle and Blade Rendering Upright

Surgically Sharp

Enables precise anatomical dissection with no electroconductivity

Thermal Hemostasis

Allows complete visualization of nerves, vessels, and critical anatomical structures.

Maximum Control

Accurate visual and tactile feedback allows unprecedented surgical control.

As an experienced head and neck cancer surgeon I have used the Shaw scalpel extensively for the past thirty years. It has become an indispensible part of my surgical technique. I feel that this instrument minimizes blood loss for the patient, maximizes my surgical efficiency and nicely preserves visibility (very little char) during my dissection. It has a very limited radius of energy dispersion, which (like the bipolar cautery) is essential for working in the crowded anatomy of the neck where so many important nerves, vessels and other structures are in close proximity.                                                             Donald B. Kamerer Jr., MD

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